Cannibal ♈ Cupcake

First of all,a cupcake is never just a cupcake.

Hello,I'm Kate and I was born on April 8th '91 in Athens,Greece.I have a dog,he's 13 and his name is SImba (yes just like Disney's lion).

I am currently a psychotherapist and a pastry chef.

I make a living by selling sweets on the internet and I really love that.Most of them are sugar-free ^_^ I hope I can improve myself soon(i'm taking classes now - finally! a 2 year-course).

Click here to see my sweets.

My dream is to open my own bussiness (coffe,sweets & pies) and keep helping people with my counselling services for free ~ as I do now.

I also love manga/anime.

So what do you think? Have you ever believed someone [or in someone] ?

I am talking about trust.

Trust is not that hard to find.The thing is,we sometimes trust people we shouldn’t.We even trust some of our own feelings that we shouldn’t. What if this person is full of lies? What if that feeling is fake?

What is important though is the after-effect.If nothing “bad” happens to you,for example,even if the person whom you trusted is a liar,you’ll never know,so you’ll keep trusting them,living in a lie and be happy [?]

It all starts when you realise that you’ve been deceived.That’s when the pain comes and knocks your fucking door.When did it start? How did it start? Why did that happen to you?

Because that’s what makes us,stupid beings,human.We trust.We deceive.We hurt one another.

I know ask of you: Is the fact that someone deceived you the cause of your pain? Or is it because you overthink about it? You overthink something so ordinary.such an ordinary part of everyday life.Now think.Did you deceive yourself thinking you were hurt badly? If yes…


But look,it’s Erwin Smith

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Soul Eater cinnamon cookies

I also loved making these! Check x


And this people,is a cookie milk mug! [with extra chocolate on the inside]

sometimes I love me for making these!

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
1984 Japanese theatrical poster

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Για καλό καλοκαίρι