Cannibal ♈ Cupcake

First of all,a cupcake is never just a cupcake.

Hello,I'm Kate and I was born on April 8th '91 in Athens,Greece.I have a dog,he's 13 and his name is SImba (yes just like Disney's lion).

I am currently a psychotherapist and a pastry chef.

I make a living by selling sweets on the internet and I really love that.Most of them are sugar-free ^_^ I hope I can improve myself soon(i'm taking classes now - finally! a 2 year-course).

Click here to see my sweets.

My dream is to open my own bussiness (coffe,sweets & pies) and keep helping people with my counselling services for free ~ as I do now.

I also love manga/anime.
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