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First of all,a cupcake is never just a cupcake.

Hello,I'm Kate and I was born on April 8th '91 in Athens,Greece.I have a dog,he's 13 and his name is SImba (yes just like Disney's lion).

I am currently a psychotherapist and a pastry chef.

I make a living by selling sweets on the internet and I really love that.Most of them are sugar-free ^_^ I hope I can improve myself soon(i'm taking classes now - finally! a 2 year-course).

Click here to see my sweets.

My dream is to open my own bussiness (coffe,sweets & pies) and keep helping people with my counselling services for free ~ as I do now.

I also love manga/anime.
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Have you ever felt that being alone is the best for you in the particular present? I’m not talking about being lonely – that’s a different situation. Just needing some space,that’s all!

Well,imagine you have everything. A caring family,an awesome significant other,friends who are always there for you,a cute pet,a job you love and a bucket of sweets! (there is always  a bucket of sweets involved with happiness)

Something’s missing though,isn’t it? And what’s that,you ask.

Yeah what is it anyways? You stay indoors,decline invitations,don’t wanna see your bf/gf etc.The only one who can approach you is your pet,if you have one (and that bucket maybe?).Aren’t you just tired of something? Or maybe is it that you finally realized you can manage on your own and everyone seems to treat you like a child? That’s love,you can understand that,but can they understand your own ideals and thoughts?

I’m not saying that you should dump everyone but spending some time with yourself should do the trick. If a friend or your lover cannot understand that (after you explain everything first),then they’re not really there for you.Don’t be afraid to meet new people or fall in love with someone. First you got to fall in love with your self though,if you really really reeeaaalllyy want deeply care about someone else (and not just pretend to).

If you’ve suffered in the past and love is the reason,then that’s good. You’ll be careful next time,right?

Wrong! You just have to be lucky with these kind of things or to be heartless. You hurt someone. Someone hurts you. That’s a relationship – any kind of relationship.Think about the past,when someone weren’t there when you needed them. That was painful. Now it’s gone. If it’s not gone then tell them you were hurt. Bad memories will disappear eventually. People will also disappear.

I choose to cherish some “bad” memories as well with the “good” ones. The only thing you can’t change is the past. If you’re missing a person from your past (one who is still alive),then go tell them. You might gain nothing out of it – I mean you can at least expect that they won’t come back. You’ve tried though.

After that it’s your choice to try again. You have to accept it though if you see that nothing good will come out of it  or if the other person simply don’t want you in their life again.

So what’s missing?

Someone or something,it doesn’t really matter. Stay with yourself for a while,in a healthy way – alone but not lonely or depressed. If there is anyone in your life you don’t want/need get them out of it immediately. If you think you need someone back,go get them! Love yourself. Try new things. Meet new people after all this is over.

Finally you can throw away that bucket with sweets,unless they’re sugar-free of course!

Ειναι απ τα καλύτερα που χω κάνει!
Θα με βρείτε εδώ

Valentine’s sweets made by me!
Do you like them? Εμενα μ αρεσαν παντως!

I really enjoy making those!

I really enjoy making those!


I feel terrible, like there’s a weight on my chest.

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